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Construction tradition in Canada is well-known with its 2”x6” (“two by six”) single family homes. Have you ever dreamed about something different, a healthier alternative to conventional wood frame?

Pavel Denisov Design is pleased to present the “Nordic Touch” as a showcase of Canada’s first single-family architecturally designed residence incorporating patented newest hybrid Scandinavian engineered wood tongue-and-groove construction system. The concept is a CNC, pre-cut in a factory with contemporary state-of-the-art attributes, resulting in a healthier home. No siding, house wrap, insulation and interior drywall, there is just 8″ of solid spruce wood as a heat insulator and a moisture regulator. No mold, bacteria and allergic dust inside. The remarkable nature of this design is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You do not need air conditioning anymore.

A naturally more healthy, comfortable home that is ready for the future.

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