Healthy Home, Natural Living

Trophy 2018 ArchitecturePavel Denisov Design is pleased to offer an organic housing alternative.

We design homes for our clients around innovative engineered wood that retain a tree’s natural breathability and offer a healthy, durable alternative to the layers of vinyl, fiberglass, plastic and drywall used in contemporary construction.

The secrets to our success are cross-laminated logs (CLL), a Scandinavian building system perfected over 40 years, and computer-controlled precision manufacturing. These homes provide the warmth of wood without the risk of mould, which modern housing tries to contain with layers of inorganic vapour barriers and insulation.

Trees endure incredible weather variation and retain their strength. Those qualities allow these homes to stay warm in the winter and cool enough in the summer that air conditioning isn’t necessary.

Pavel, a Georgie-winning architect, is an expert in these unique and healthy homes.

“Log homes are the whole foods of housing, an organic alternative to the overprocessed, off-gassing ingredients of modern construction.” from an article about us in Magnifissance, a design and luxury lifestyle magazine.