kontio-logo Denisov Design offers the log home of the 21st century with the perfection of wood through a computer-controlled manufacturing process. This ensures the precision-cut tongue-and-groove design interlocks each piece on a perfectly mitered edge. These 8×11 cross-laminated timbers snap together with a self-sealing gasket strip. Read more here:

Conduits for electrical outlets are pre-drilled every 6-12-inches, giving on-site builders flexibility to position power outlets ideally.
Besides insulation and moisture management, these logs provide the structural framing, in most cases removing the need for load-bearing interior walls.

This allows tremendous design flexibility and ensures any future design changes are easy and cost-efficient. Homeowners can enjoy an open-concept aesthetic that showcases the rich warmth of their bleached spruce exterior walls—a distinctly urban look with rustic roots that can be seen inside and out.

air tight logs

Better materials mean savings on labour. After clients settle on a design, a house package takes just 8 weeks to produce. Local framing teams can assemble the home quickly and load-bearing exterior walls and structural beams/columns can be erected in approximately one week.
The roof can then be added, giving builders a dry interior to work in as they finish interior walls—an ideal build process for rainy climates like Vancouver, ensuring a timely completion even in inclement weather.

innovative feature in bc home architecture

“Why Solid Wood?”

Because it is

  • Healthy — Organic materials are better for your body
  • Quick — Offsite manufacturing accelerates the build
  • Strong but flexible — Perfect for seismic areas like Vancouver
  • Cool — No need for air conditioning
  • Warm — Excellent air tightness, near Passive House standards
  • Breathable — Moisture managed without risk of mould
  • Sound proof — Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Authentic — No need to cover with siding or drywall to look good